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Самое лучшее в мире средство от жуликов

Привидение - самое лучшее средство от жуликов

“Слушай, Малыш! Знаешь, какое самое лучшее в мире средство от жуликов?”

Это, конечно, ПРИВИДЕНИЕ, как утверждал незабвенный самый лучший в мире укротитель домомучительниц.

Сегодня мы будем говорить о призраках и привидениях, ведь Хэллоуин на носу! В самый раз поговорить об их вкусах и привычках.

Особо впечатлительных просим не волноваться.

Несмотря на призрачное оформление сегодняшнего поста, тема будет совсем не зловещая, а наоборот – веселая. Конечно, если вы не боитесь призраков и привидений!

Вас ждет новое видео от Наташи, которое как нельзя более кстати подходит этому времени года.

Тем, кто только начал изучать английский язык, может быть нелегко понять английскую игру слов, но уж вы постарайтесь.

После каждой шутки Наташа дает свои комментарии, возможно, они помогут вам сориентироваться.

Как обычно, в видео есть английские и русские субтитры, которые вы можете активировать, нажав колесико настройки в правом нижнем углу видео.

Ниже вы найдете текст видео на английском языке.

Паук и паутина

Hello, friends! Natasha is here again.

Not everyone likes Halloween, but there’s nothing to stop us from joking on this subject.

Jokes are very fun and bring a smile to everyone's face. This is how I am going to entertain you today.

I collected some traditional Halloween jokes for you. They all involve ghosts as the main characters.

It is not the best idea to explain jokes, but I will try to do that for those of you who are learning English.

Let us begin.

1. Why do ghosts like to ride in lifts? It raises their spirits.

Ghosts are spirits themselves, but the word spirit has second meaning of feelings. There is a third meaning to this word? But we would not be mentioning it here!

2. What is a ghost’s favourite fruit? Booberries!

Ghost’s favourite word is “Boo”. And one of the human’s favourite berries is Blueberry.

3. Where did the ghosts go on holiday? The Boohamas.

As you just learned, here is "Boo" plus Bahamas.

4. What do ghosts eat for dinner? Spooghetti.

Ghosts and other Halloween creatures are described as spooky – frightening, and dangerous.

So it is very logical that instead of Spaghetti they like Spooghetti.

But I guess it applies more to Italian ghosts.

5. What kind of key does a ghost use to unlock his room? A spoo-key.

I doubted that ghosts need any keys as they can walk through the walls, but who knows…

6. What did the ghost say when the skeleton lied to him? “I can see right through you!..”

Well, Mothers and Teachers too can always see through you when children lie to them.

7. What do baby ghosts wear on Halloween? Pillowcases.

I like this joke very much myself. We know that ghosts’ favourite clothes are bed sheets, which are way too big for baby ghosts. So they wear pillowcases! So sweet!

8. What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost? Bamboo.

Poor Bambi, we don’t really want him to come across any ghosts!

9. Where do fashionable ghosts shop for sheets? At a Boo-tiques.

We all know these shops are for fashionable people. I guess the sheets and pillowcases for ghosts in these boo-tiques are of highest quality as well!

10. What did the ghost say to the other ghost? Do you believe in humans?

Well, we need to answer this question ourselves! Do we believe in ourselves, are we able to make our planet a better place to live?.. Do we deserve to call ourselves humans?

I hope you enjoyed today’s ghost jokes.

Now you have a clear idea how these jokes are made. It is all just play of words to make you think for a little bit and then smile and enjoy someone’s clever idea.

I hope to record more interesting videos for you. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and remember to click on the bell so you don’t miss any of my new videos.

See you soon, goodbye!