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Это важное число 12

keep calm and love number 12Пару лет назад в школе Наташин учитель математики дал классу задание сделать Powerpoint презентацию на вольную тему.

Столь широкая постановка задачи ввела одноклассников в состояние лёгкого ступора. Пойди туда – не знаю куда, принеси то – не знаю что.

Пришлось мне, Наташиной маме, вступить в игру и проявить смекалку. Дело было в начале декабря, на горизонте уже маячили Рождество и Новый год, поэтому было решено сделать презентацию о числе 12 в нашей жизни. По-моему, вполне логично.

На злобу дня и математика в теме!

Опять зима, опять декабрь… Информация, которую мы собрали 2 года назад, была переработана, дополнена и превращена в видео.

Полюбопытствуйте, сколько разных областей использования числа 12 мы смогли упомнить! Сможете добавить что-либо существенное? Ждем ваших комментариев здесь или на YouTube!



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Текст того, о чём в этом видео говорит Наташа.

Hello, Natasha is here with you again!

Today I would like to speak with you about the number 12. Let’s try to see how often we use this number and what an important part it plays in our lives.

Time is measured in two groups of 12 hours, with 12 hours in the morning and 12 hours for the night.

There are 12 months in a year.

December is the 12th final month in the year.

There are twelve signs in the Zodiac.

The 12 Animal Signs of the Chinese Zodiac are: the Rat, Rabbit, Horse,

Rooster, Ox, Dragon, Goat, Dog, Tiger, Snake, Monkey and the Pig.

There are 12 major Greek gods.

Jesus picked 12 apostles.

The flag of the European Union has 12 stars on it. The number of stars does not have anything to do with any number of countries that are members of the EU.

The number 12 was chosen for the symbolism it represents.

The official description states:

“Against the blue sky of the western world, the stars represent the people of Europe in a circle, a symbol of unity.

Their number shall be set to 12, the symbol of completeness and perfection.”

There were 12 knights around the King Arthur's round table.

A comedy by William Shakespeare is called 'Twelfth Night'.

There are usually twelve people on a jury.

In the British Imperial system there are 12 inches in a foot and 12 pence in a shilling.

There are normally 12 pairs of ribs in the human body.

12 red roses are the most popular choice.

It's easy to refer to 12 eggs as a 'dozen'.

Here in Britain, at school we learn the 12 times tables rather than 10 times tables as in Russia.

I think we have found enough mentioning of the number 12 in our life.

It is really plays a very important role in people’s civilization.

If you can think of more examples of using the number 12, please state it in the comments of this video.

At New Year’s night don’t forget to eat 12 grapes, making a wish for the coming year with each strike of the clock.

I hope you all will have a very happy New Year! Goodbye!