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Говорит Наташа. Каков вопрос – таков и ответ!

Говорит Наташа

Сверстники Наташи из города Богородск Нижегородской области записали свои вопросы на видео и прислали их нам. Было очень приятно познакомиться и, как говорят англичане, to put a face to a name.

Конечно, Наташа поспешила записать своё ответное видео Диане,  Ирине, Александру и Юлии.

Мы очень рады, что российские школьники получили возможность потренироваться в своем разговорном английском. Наташа их прекрасно поняла, а сможете ли вы понять, что говорит Наташа? Посмотрите видео – проверьте! ;)

Если возникнут какие-то проблемы с пониманием – сразу после видео вы найдете скрипт всего сказанного.


Текст того, о чем в этом видео говорит Наташа.

N – Наташа, M – мама Елена


N. Hello!

M. Здравствуйте!

N. We received some videos from school children from Bogorodsk Nizhegorodskoy oblasti.

M. Слава Богу! Молодец! Дальше!

N. We are going to show you the videos they sent us. And we are going to answer their questions.

- Hello! My name is Diana. I’m fond of sport dancing. I won many dance contests. Recently I’ve got a degree in this kind of sport. I like to dance, it is my favourite activity. What do you like to do best of all, Natasha? Thank you! Good bye!

N. Well Diana, your name is very popular in my country as you know of the Princess Diana. Well done for winning your competition and hopefully you will win more to come,.. in the future.
What about your question,.. well, I like to play sports, but not professionally , like you do dancing. But I like to do sports for fun, to play with my friends and to keep healthy. But I also like to go walking, or go outside and play with groups I go to and also just to see places with my Mum and Dad. And that’s what I like to do in my spare time, but I don’t really have much time to have fun as I have to do homework, like I’ve said before.

M. Расскажи нам, где ты вчера была, Наташа!

N. Well, yesterday I went rock climbing and it was so much fun as we’ve got to have special equipment to wear that you don’t normally find when you go rock climbing…

M. И с вами были настоящие профессиональные альпинисты, которые вам помогали…

N. Yeah, we’ve got… like this professionals gave us special rock shoes and a harness, and a helmet, so we were safe when we went rock climbing. It was good. The whole day was amazing time, as I’ve got to be with my friends and I had fun climbing with them. It was amazing experience. Thank you, Mum, for let me go. Now let’s move to another video.

- Hello, my name is Irra. I am thirteen. I would like to tell you about my favourite holiday. In the 9th of May we will celebrate the main holiday in our country – Victory Day. We will thank our veterans for the Victory over fascists, we will lay flowers to the monument for Russian
soldiers. I would like to ask Natasha, what is your favourite British holiday? Thank you. Good bye!

N. Dear Irina, I know that you celebrated Victory Day recently and I’ve seen that Russia celebrated… with big massive parades and with the veterans celebrating how you won against Nazis. We do celebrate Victory Day here as well, but we celebrate it on 11th of November and that is when we remember all the soldiers.
What about your question. I do celebrate Victory Day, but my favourite celebration would have to be Christmas. I like Christmas as it is time when families come together, they celebrate, Father Christmas is coming to the houses and this is when I meet most of my family, we come together to have fun and to be with each other. During Christmas time we
get let off with homework, which is a good thing and also we go to places more. During scouts we go on a Sledge Run and it is when Father Christmas is in his sledge with his reindeers and we knock on people’s doors and show them Father Christmas… and these little children like to have their pictures taken and get sweets from him. And we also play
Christmas music, which is always enjoyable during Christmas time.
So this is why I like Christmas as my favourite celebration.
Shall we go to our next video?

- Hi, I am Sasha. I like to watch films. Best of all I like fantasy, adventure and action films. My favourite film is “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”. I would like to watch “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Natasha, do you like to watch films. Which films would you like to watch?

N. Dear Sasha, I do also enjoy action films and fantasy films, but I also like science fiction films and romance films as well. But I watch what ever I can find in a cinemas and what comes on TV. I do watch films like “Peter Pan”, “Doctor Who” – these sorts of films, more often than others, but I also watch “Horrible Histories”… and it is so funny, and it is entertaining program, which talks about history, but it makes it in a funny manner. If you have a chance to watch “Horrible Histories” you will find it so funny as well. And I hope you would enjoy it. I hope I answered your question, Sasha.
Shall we move to the next video?

- Hello, my name is Julia and I’m thirteen. I want to tell you about my pet. It is a very nice cat called Pushok. It is red and white and grey - three coloured. It can jump very high but he prefers to sleep all day long. I love it very much. Natasha, have you got any pets? What pet would you like to have? Thanks. Good bye.

N. Dear Julia, I like how are you… you have a cat, but I don’t have any pets, except from fish. They are very bright, but all I have to do is feed them. My friend has two dogs and I play with them, instead of with my fish. And another friend from my school has a pitch black cat. She is so adorable! And her name is KitKat.

That is it for today. Thank you very much for your questions and videos. I hope my answers have helped you to learn English. See you soon. Good bye!

M. До свидания!