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Говорит Наташа. Интересные факты: происхождение OK, собачий нос и самый популярный фрукт

Interesting facts

Сегодня мы начинаем новую серию видео – “Интересные факты, которые вы, может быть, и не знали”.

Наташа расскажет вам о происхождении широко распространенного по всему миру слова “OK”. В следующий раз, используя его, вы уже будете знать, что поминаете 8-го президента Америки Мартина Ван Бюрена, у которого была кличка “Old Kinderhook”.

После исторического экскурса Наташа развенчает миф о том, что у здоровой собаки должен обязательно быть холодный мокрый нос. Внимание на очаровательные мордашки, сопровождающие ее рассказ!

И, наконец, вы узнаете, какой фрукт является самым популярным в мире. Заодно обратите внимание, сколько нулей надо рисовать в числе триллион.

В качестве анонса темы следующего выпуска “Интересных фактов”:

1. У всех ли животных кровь красная?

2. О первоначальной реакции разных людей на изобретение телефона.

3. Почему аист приносит новорожденных?

Можете начать готовиться, чтобы с легкостью понять, что говорит Наташа, отвечая на поставленные вопросы в одном из своих следующих видео.



Как обычно, мы добавили к видео субтитры, которые вы можете активировать или убрать, нажав специальный значок в ролике внизу справа. Для тех, кто предпочитает смотреть видео без субтитров, размещаем полный текст того, что говорит Наташа, ниже.


Hello, friends! Natasha is here again!

Today we are starting a very interesting series where we will talk about different interesting facts in a format of question and answer. Some of them are funny, others are really amazing. But they all are educational. Even if you’ve never asked such questions, after watching these videos you will be equipped with many fascinating facts which you can use to entertain your friends and amuse your relatives.

Let us begin.

What does OK stand for?

We have all seen the OK sign in movies, but do you know what OK stands for? Well, let me tell you.

The origin of OK has been debated for a long time.

The time was 1839.  In Boston and New York, slang abbreviations were very popular, very often representing deliberately misspelled slang phrases. OK is one of the few of these abbreviations to survive. 

OK appeared in print in The Boston Morning Post and was taken to mean ‘all correct’.

In 1840 in New York during US President election campaign, OK was adopted by supporters of Martin Van Buren, who was the 8th President of the United States at that time. Van Buren’s nickname was “Old Kinderhook”; so this group of supporters made their name the “O.K. Club”, thus having the double meaning of “oll korrect” and “Old Kinderhook”.  As you might expect, this also gave the chance to Van Buren’s opponents chance to say that Van Buren’s supporters were all illiterate.

What cannot be disputed is that the popularity of OK runs parallel with the global spread of American culture.

Well, that is the story of what OK stands for. Now you know where OK came from and how it came to be so popular.

Why is a dog’s nose wet?

The common belief is that a healthy dog has a cold wet nose and a sick dog has a hot, dry nose. But that is FALSE.

Many very healthy dogs have dry noses at least part of the time. The simple explanation is that most dogs tend to lick their noses often and this is why they are usually wet.

What is the world’s most popular fruit?

Another interesting question that I offer you today is "What is the world’s most popular fruit?" Although many people do not realise it is a fruit, the most popular fruit in the world is the tomato, with more than 60 trillion (60,000,000,000,000) tons produced per year.

Bananas are in second place.

Apples are in third, then oranges and watermelons.

Wow, I can't believe tomatoes are the most popular fruits. I love tomatoes as well. And I also enjoy grapes, apples and strawberries.

What is your favourite fruit?

I will leave you to discuss this matter and hope to see you soon with more interesting topics to discuss.

Next time we are going to find out answers to the following questions:

- Do all animals have red blood?

- What was people’s initial reaction to the invention of the telephone?

- Why does the stork carry babies?

You can do your own investigation before you see my next video, in your native language. Then it will be easier to learn the answers which I will put together for you in English.

See you soon! Goodbye!