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Говорит Наташа. Знаменитые первоапрельские шутки

Наташа в парике на 1 апреля

Вы никогда не слышали про то, что в Швейцарии есть деревья, на которых растут спагетти?

А о том, что знаменитый Биг Бен собираются модернизировать и заставить “шагать” в ногу со временем? (Простите за каламбур!)

Эти и другие истории в новом видео от Наташи, приуроченном ко дню Смеха – 1 апреля. Кстати, в прошлом году мы уже готовили видео на 1 апреля, немного в другом ключе. Если кто-то пропустил, или еще не был с нами, приглашаем полюбопытствовать, перейдя по ссылке: 1 АПРЕЛЯ.

“Первого апреля никому не верю!” – говорим мы. В Англии восклицают “April Fool!” Не только в быту, но и на ТВ, и на радио, и в прессе только в этот день есть шанс запустить в оборот утку, за которую им ничего не будет, хоть и поверит им большое количество людей.

Есть ощущение, что медиа всех стран соревнуется в том, чтобы попасть в историю с самой прикольной первоапрельской шуткой. Составляются рейтинги по странам, организациям и годам.

Сегодня Наташа познакомит вас с нашим рейтингом, состоящим из 5 знаменитых шуток, которые очень популярны в Великобритании.



Как обычно, мы добавили к видео субтитры, которые вы можете активировать или убрать, нажав специальный значок в ролике внизу справа. Для тех, кто предпочитает смотреть видео без субтитров, размещаем полный текст того, что говорит Наташа, ниже.


Hello everyone! Natasha is here again!

Millions of people in homes, schools and workplaces spend the morning of April 1st playing practical jokes (sometimes called pranks or hoax). They play jokes on each other in hope of a quick laugh (and to avoid a bit of work).

This day, which is sometimes referred to as All Fools’ Day, is a day to play jokes on people with the main purpose to get others to believe something, that is false, then one is able to say ‘April fools!’

When it comes to how long April Fools' Day should last, there are two different groups of people – one that suggests at noon (at 12pm) is the cutoff for all pranking activity, and the other that says this "rule" is stupid.

People who believe that April Fools' Day ends at noon say that the prank victims are only "fools" if they fall for a trick early in the day. After that, the fools become those who try to carry out the pranks.

Others say that lighthearted trickery is acceptable for a full 24 hours. It's April Fools' Day, after all, not April Fools' Morning.

The media love to play jokes as April 1st is the once-a-year chance to publish a fake news story to wind up their readers.

Today I’m going to tell you some of these stories which have become part of history now.

The first story is about the Left-Handed Whopper.

In 1998, the day before April 1st Burger King announced a solution for the 1.4 million left-handed customers visiting their restaurants every day: the Left-Handed Whopper.

Burger King said all the fillings were rotated 180° to suit the left-handed burger lovers. Next day left-handed customers eagerly tried to order this special burger, but they had to wait in line behind right-handed folks equally caught up with this making sure they got the correct Whopper.

The thought that a burger is basically, you know, a circle apparently never crossed their minds.


Now Do-It-Yourself Colour TV.

Colour television wasn't widespread until 1966, but some Swedes armed with nylon stockings tried to get it four years earlier.

In 1962, Sweden's only television channel announced that the station could be viewed in colour if one cut up stockings and placed it over the television's screen.

Nylon screens would bend the television's light to make it appear in colour. Thousands of Swedes cut up their stockings and taped them all over their televisions only to realize they were victims of a joke.

Big Ben Goes Digital.

The BBC reported in 1980 that the famous Big Ben clock tower would be converted to a digital clock in order to modernize the tower's look. This outraged many citizens, as the clock tower was a historical part of London's culture.

The Earth Loses Gravity.

In 1976, BBC Radio 2 reported that due to a rare astronomical alignment of Pluto behind Jupiter, the Earth's gravity would decrease. Listeners were told to jump in the air at 9:47 AM to take advantage of this, which would result in a floating feeling. Many reported that they had felt this floating sensation, one even stating that she and her friends lifted from their chairs to float around the room together.

The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest.

One of the most famous April Fools' pranks occurred in 1957. The respected BBC program Panorama reported that thanks to a very mild winter, Swiss farmers were enjoying a huge spaghetti harvest.

It accompanied this announcement with footage of Swiss peasants pulling strands of spaghetti down from the trees.

Huge numbers of viewers were taken in. Many called the BBC wanting to know how they could grow their own spaghetti tree. To this the BBC diplomatically replied, "Place a sprig of spaghetti in a tin of tomato sauce and hope for the best." The broadcast remains, by far, the most popular and widely acclaimed April Fool's Day hoax ever.

Personally, I’m very surprised that so many people easily believed this joke. Didn’t they know that spaghetti only grows on the supermarket shelves?

I hope you enjoyed today’s video. Happy April Fools Day!

See you soon! Goodbye!