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Как мы ходили в частную школу

highПобывав в частной школе Highclare на дне открытых дверей, мы сделали несколько фотографий, которые сегодня хотим показать вам.

В своем видео Наташа приглашает пройти вместе с нами по учебным классам школы, у вас будет шанс заглянуть в арт-класс, в спортивный зал, в библиотеку, в обеденный холл…

Вы узнаете, какой сюрприз ожидал нас в кабинете истории.

Смотрите видео, будет интересно!


Текст того, о чем в этом видео говорит Наташа.

Hello everyone!

Today I want to invite you to come to school with me. How long has it been since you’ve been to a British school? Now this is your chance!

It is not MY school, but I hope you will find it interesting.

We visited Highclare independent school when they had an open evening.

On open evenings, pupils who want to join the school can come with their parents, can see what facilities are available, and speak with the teachers and with the pupils who are attending the school already.

As I told you before, schools in Britain are free, but some parents like to invest in their children’s education.

To attend Highclare School they need to pay big money.

It costs parents £6,500 (which is more than $10,000) in the first year at the school.

Each year the fee increases and finally, in year 11, it reaches £10,000 ($16,000).

Highclare school started its history in the year 1932, since then it has managed to educate lots of young girls ready for their futures. Yes, this school used to teach only girls but only in recent years has it started to teach boys as well.

Let us see the classrooms.

Classes are not as big as they are in state schools. In Highclare, they have no more than 22 pupils in each class.

This is one of computer rooms. We’ve seen 3 similar rooms like that at different parts of the school.

One of the classrooms had brought us a big surprise. I think it was the history room.

Pupils were learning about Stalin and there were lots of books and posters where they were trying to figure out: Was Stalin a monster or moderniser?

I hope they came to the right conclusion about Stalin.

As you can see, Highclare School used to be an Abbey in the olden times.

So it is an historical building and we really enjoyed looking around.

The most stunning room in the school is the dining hall – the place where the pupils have their food. They call it Hogwarts.

They have a beautiful library. This is probably the best place to learn history!

This is the music hall, where they play different instruments and learn about music.

They have a very nice garden with lots of different plants and rose bushes.

There is a sports hall and a hall for assemblies.

This is the changing rooms and shower cubicles.

We visited lots of different classes, laboratories and said hello to the skeleton called John.

There were lots of impressive art works in the art studio.

With a big surprise, we spotted an old cemetery by the sport ground.

We decided that it is very symbolical: as if ancestors look after their successors, making sure that they are doing well at school and pushing civilization forward to the right direction!

That is it for today.

I hope you enjoyed our excursion to private school Highclare in Birmingham. See you next time. Goodbye!