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RAF Honington and RAF Cranwell

Honington camp, visit to Imperial War museum in DuxfordИ снова о жизни в Великобритании в компании с Наташиными кадетами. Так уж получилось, что и сегодняшний рассказ будет о кадетских мероприятиях, в которых Наташа приняла участие в летние месяцы.

Первое приключение – это недельный лагерь на военной базе Хонингтон в графстве Саффолк. Подъем в 6 утра, отбой в 10 и дни – полные тренировок, экскурсий, интересных событий и встреч. Что может быть лучше для молодых людей?!

В этом году кадеты празднуют 75-ю годовщину со дня основания организации.

13-го августа в графстве Линкольншир на территории лётного училища в Кранвелл был организован грандиозный праздник, на котором присутствовали тысячи кадетов, военных лётчиков, командиров и много знаменитостей. Кадетское оркестры и сводные отряды продемонстрировали свои умения во время парада.

В празднике приняли участие группа военных парашютистов и знаменитые “Red Arrows” – пилотажная группа Королевских ВВС на истребителях.

Red Arrows in Cranwell

Завершил праздничный день красочный фейерверк, который организовала компания, которая отвечала за новогодний салют в Лондоне и за фейерверк во время Летней Олимпиады 2012 года.



Как обычно, мы добавили к видео субтитры, которые вы можете активировать или убрать, нажав специальный значок в ролике внизу справа. Для тех, кто предпочитает смотреть видео без субтитров, размещаем полный текст того, что говорит Наташа, ниже.


Hello, dear friends!

The school holidays have passed so quickly!

I had quite a busy school break.

If you've watched my previous videos, perhaps you can recall that I told you about me going to the Air Cadets.

Thanks to the Air Cadets, this summer I visited RAF Honington, well RAF stands for the Royal Air Force. I stayed there for a week with a few of my friends.

During this visit, we had lots of fun while learning new skills. We got to spend the day at ‘Imperial War Museum’ in Duxford. There we saw many different types of aircrafts from all around the world.
One of the days, we spent with the RAF regiment and did many activities. We had the opportunity to wear camouflage and see if anyone could see us from the distance.
We were given ration packs for the day and we didn’t have any other food apart from that.
Another day we spent with the RAF police and did a small investigation to see if we were good detectives.
Every evening we would practise our marching skills for the performance in front of an officer, who currently serves in the Queen’s colour squadron. You know the people who wear fluffy tall hats and the red coats.
RAF Honington was a good camp and it was enjoyable.
There was another special event that I was lucky to attend.

As this year the Air Cadets Organisation celebrates 75th anniversary, there was a big Parade and musical extravaganza held at the home of the Royal Air Force in Cranwell.

Our squadron had been invited to spend the whole day enjoying all sorts of entertainment at the event.

There was a cadet’s Marching Band, where they were playing their instruments whilst simultaneously performing movements on the march.

Over 300 cadets and 50 adult volunteers participated in the parade where they performed over 300 drill movements.

You are probably wondering what drill is. In military terms, drill is marching!

We were amazed by the RAF Falcons parachute display, where these parachutists were demonstrating various skills and landing with remarkable accuracy in the middle of the field.

The arrival of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Display Team – The Red Arrows, was definitely breath taking.

In their iconic red Hawk jet aircrafts, they performed their well-loved moves with incredible precision, at close proximity.

We were certainly impressed with their show.

Luckily, the weather was fine and there wasn’t many clouds to obscure the Red Arrows during their performance.

The Fireworks finale surely provided a memorable ending to our fantastic day of celebrations. Colours and patterns were erupted across the sky, accompanied by music from the cadets’ orchestra.

The same company, who were in charge of the fireworks at the Olympic Games and the New Year celebrations on the London Eye, provided the fireworks.

I'm very glad that the Air Cadets are giving me such a broad opportunity to gain new skills, make new friends and explore the country.

I hope to speak with you soon.

See you later. Goodbye.